Welcome to our academy! We are very happy to have you with us, it is an important step that you have decided to take this wonderful course that will help you be the best version of yourself. 😊 😊


The course you are going to take is about teaching you essential elements to keep in mind in your daily life to boost your performance as a professional athlete and drive you where you want to arrive. It consist  consists of four key sections: 



💪🏻Supplemental Training

💤Rest and Recovery

🧠Mental Readiness


Within each section you will have to complete the lessons shown and complete a questionnaire and some task at the end of each one. We hope you complete it successfully and apply it in the most optimal way in your day to day and that it will also help others. 





The course is divided into four sections: Nutrition, Supplementary Training, Rest and Recovery and Mental Readiness. In each section, you will find first an introductory lesson, below which you will see a listing of all the topics included in it. Select the first one, complete it and once you get the red tic, go to the next. In some topics you will find questionnaires to answer and evaluate you. After you finish all the topics, go to the next section and do the same. 





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