Representation & intermediaries

Representation of Players and Coaches

Internacional Players & Coaches is charged with the representation of its professional footballers and trainers in teams all over the world, taking care of their sporting interests, from their first steps onto the training ground until the very last steps of their sporting careers.

This representation of work assumes an integral counsel to the player or coach in all aspects that surround them and the needs that they can generate in their environment, or during their career: Financial, fiscal, legal, image/brand/profile and communication management.

Thanks to the large compromise of IP&C, in conjunction with a team of highly qualified professionals, we offer a high quality service to those we represent. Furthermore, Internacional Players & Coaches are not limited to national territory, but we have an international presence in a wide range of countries in collaboration with people and societies that work around the world, especially in traditionally football-focused places.

IP&C has in its team licensed RFEF agents for players (Affiliated with FIFA and UEFA) that allow them to act in the market in accordance with the law.


Another of the activities in which IP&C focuses is the total assistance in signings, fundamental in the transfer & loaning of players & coaches, alone or with other authorised FIFA Agents.

The good relationship that IP&C has with an array of top level clubs allows us to work with and for them as intermediaries when signing players & coaches, in collaboration with our Worldwide representatives.

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