Professional Area

From our experience in sports science and in order to add to the management culture and policy of Internacional Players & Coaches, we put our human resources at your disposal. Our team consists of Sporting Directors formed by The Spanish Football Federation and experienced Sports Business managers, all of whom were formed to assist, advise and meet all of the requirements of the professional and amateur clubs, football schools and academies, players and coaches.

Internacional Players & Coaches have a large network of scouts, clubs, football coaches and FIFA agents all over Europe, Africa, America and Asia, allowing ourselves to offer a large and high-end option for our players, coaches and partner clubs. Furthermore, IP&C have specialists in coaching who are ready to individually work with our players in a way to help them achieve their targets.

IP&C offers its services to football teams and clubs with a wide range of pre-season packages, organizing and planning their stays in the ideal environment collectively for each player, taking care of everything down to the smallest detail, with the objective of the players being able to achieve the optimal preparation.

Área profesional