Internacional Players Education organises different educational & coaching camps for young footballers with the objective to carry out sporting activities in a personalised & focussed manner.

The human resources & techniques used in these programs are the best in the current day market: coaches, teachers, psychologists & nutritionists; as are the installations: Hotels, swimming pools, massage parlours, lecture rooms, gyms, equipment & materials for the training sessions

IPEducation organise these type of campuses aimed at children that want to improve as footballers, whilst enjoying their holidays and all the activities related to football. The participants have at their disposal qualified coaches of the highest level, specially prepared as children coaches by Internacional Players Educations.

They are days that as well as improving their sporting process, the children will be educated in the following areas:

  • How to coach footballers
  • Education & values from sport
  • Personal behaviour & maturity related to football

In this form, we try to transmit human values such as friendship, respect, comradeship; in the training sessions & football matches, as well as the lectures, sporting videos, swimming sessions, English classes & other activities.

If you want your club or organization to organize camps with our UEFA PRO Coaches contact us.



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