Internacional Players & Coaches

We are a sports company with an experienced and flexible team of:

  • Footballers and ex-professional footballers
  • UEFA Pro Licensed Coaches
  • FIFA Licensed Agents
  • Sports Managers
  • Experts in Sports science
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Lawyers who specialise in Sporting Law

We are specifically dedicated to football and we use all our assets and human resources to provide our customers with the best exclusive and quality products to achieve their goals.

We have agreements with football clubs and associations around the world as well as a wide range of players and coaches formed from our work-philosophy and methodology in different sporting areas.


  1. Sport Management

    We optimise your management and resources in order to maximise the output to match that of any club, entity or event.

  2. Agency

    We advise players and coaches about all financial, social and sporting aspects over their careers.

  3. Coaching

    We support players and coaches in their professional careers to help them achieve their goals, improve their skills and increase their knowledge.

  4. Stages

    We organize and plan your stay in an ideal environment where we look after every minute detail to make sure that the players are in the best possible conditions to achieve their targets in training.


  1. Tours

    We provide access to the best footballing facilities around the world. You will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in a professional environment thanks to our football program.

  2. Camp

    Sporting events take place during the school breaks, which are intended for young players. We employ certified qualified coaches to make sure the kids learn and train properly. This program helps to develop the health and social habits of the children. If you would like more information about the camp, please contact us.

  3. Elite Workshops

    High quality coaching programs of football aimed to work with clubs and talented young players. This program demands high requirements from the players. It is focused on developing the skills, conditions and abilities of the players. If you would like more information about this program, contact us.

  • Jose abarca - CEO

  • Maria Martinez - Financial Adviser

  • Luisa Abarca - Operations Manager

  • Lorenzo Cuello - Legal Adviser

  • Jose Soares - Sports Consultant

  • Jael Gilart - Head of methodology and sports events

  • Maria Cofrades - Educational Consultant